B BOZZBY® Electric Kapoor Dani Stand Kapur Incense Burner/Beautiful Smart Kapoor Dani/Aroma Oil Burner with Design BZ-10-Sky Blue




Price: ₹249.00 - ₹239.00
(as of Oct 11,2021 12:06:15 UTC – Details)

Benefits: It is used as as well as an aroma diffuser. It makes the room look beautiful and colourful. Essential oils or camphor of personal preference can be used. The product evenly distributes the aroma around the room. It helps you to sleep better, improve your mood and feel relaxed. Particular oils with medicinal benefits can be used regularly for best results. Instruction for using Aroma Burner: Fill in essential oil or camphor before turning the switch on. Plug it in and switch on if you want to use it as a diffuser. Easy to use Produce less smoke very easy for cleaning, Heavy Duty Coil. It is used for burning incense which is to the gods and goddesses or for aroma. Electric Burner saves your time in burning charcoal and also produces less smoke Kapoor Incense Burner.

Fragrance of camphor oil has a calming effect on the mind and brings a good night sleep.
Insert the plug into the socket and switch on the button for few minutes and put some Bakhoor / Dhoop / Incense on the top plate & Enjoy.
To Long lasting use Kindly Switch off the kapur dani once kapur tablet finished. Beautiful looking direct plug-in Ceramic Kapoor Dani is best for burning Kapoor and Aroma Oil.
Package Contains: 1 Pcs Kapoor Dani ( Material: Steel Powder Coated). Color will send as Available.

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