BangBangDa Hindu Goddess Laxmi Statue Sculpture – Indian God Lord Mather Lakshmi Puja Statue – India Pooja Item Murti Idol Figurine Diwali Gifts



Price: ₹3,725.05
(as of Oct 26, 2023 14:20:59 UTC – Details)

This lakshmi was carved by Thailand artist and specially technique to look like vintage statue. With these sculptures, you can add an element of inspiration and positive energy to each of your favorite spaces. It is a fantastic good condition piece for collection. Ideal to gift someone or just to treat yourself. You can also put on table. Good Piece For Collection.
Title:6.3 Inch High Hand Painting Antique Gold Color Fengshui Lakshmi Statue Household Goddess Idol for Indian Wedding Return Gifts
Size: Approx. 12 L X 12W X 1 6H CM (6.3” H)
Material: Eco Friendly,Non Toxic , USA import Poly Stone
Packing: Inner Box with strong polyfoam packing
Usage: Birthday Gifts,Indian Wedding Return Gift, Diwali Gifts,Zen Garden Accessory, Meditating Idols, Car Decor, Home Decor etc. Perfect gift for those that love Eastern Enlightenment.
Other Items: We also have lord Ganesh(Ganesha) Statue,Hindu Goddness Saraswati,Durga Figurines,krishna and Nandi etc.Welcome to your shop to choose.( If the shop can’t find a statue you like, please contact us )
Pleaset noted that the material is not copper,gold or jade. the material is polystone. Keywords: Hindu Goddess Laxmi Statue Sculpture Indian God Lord Lakshmi Home Office Temple Mandir Puja Items India Idol Figurine Murti Pooja Decor Diwali Gifts Yoga Zen Meditation Room Altar Shrine Kit hinduism idols lakshami figure temple buddha ganesh gods kali shiva decor hanuman mandir ganesha statues durga elephant collection painting decorative vishnu lingam art collections shivas ganpati laksmi goddesses housewarming return spiritual krishna India Lord Figurine Wedding Return Item Spiritual Prayer Items
SIZE: Measures 6.3 Height x 4.7 Width x 4.7 Depth inches. Made of Polyresin.
LAKSHMI STATUE – Lakshmi is the Goddess of luck, wealth and beauty to the people. It makes you feel powerful.
GOOD PROTECT: The bottom is covered with felt and will not scratch the table or anything.
VERSATILITY – Perfect gift for a loved one or for home use to honor Lakshmi Goddess, the God of all beginnings; Indian decor to celebrate any special occasion such as Indian wedding, birthday gift, or Diwali decoration.

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