GOD SHANIDEV Statue/Metal/Decorative/Idol for Pooja, Office, Gift/SPRITUAL MURTI by NOHA MERCADO




Price: ₹479 - ₹299.00
(as of Nov 20,2023 15:15:05 UTC – Details)

Start the puja by lighting the lamp and prayers to Ganesh. Offer black sesame seeds to Shani dev. Offer flowers and puja to Hanuman and Lord Shiva. Chant the Shani Gayatri Mantra twenty one times at the end of puja.The Hindu mythology essentially says that one has to perform good deeds all his/her life to keep Shani Dev happy Shani is also a male Hindu deity in the Puranas, whose iconography consists of a black figure carrying a sword or danda (sceptre) and sitting on a Crow. He is the god of Karma (deeds), justice, and retribution and delivers results depending upon one’s thoughts, speech, and deeds (karma).Remove the ill effects of an ill placed or malefic Saturn. Provides stability in your Personal and Professional life. It creates favourable situation in your life.
Shani Dev is known as the God of justice, and a popular deity that Hindus pray to ward off evil and obstacles from life.
Offer him mustard oil and sesame seeds and chant mantra. This is one of the most popular ways to appease Lord Shani.
He is a strong minded, passionate person
The color of Shani Dev is considered black and he is very fond of black things. On what basis it is said, know about it through mythology here.

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