PANDIT NM SHRIMALI Mercury, Parad Hanuman Ji Idol Statue Murti Showpiece for Car Dashboard, Pooja, Home (Silver, 60 gm)




Price: ₹1,999.00 - ₹999.00
(as of Oct 11,2021 14:10:03 UTC – Details)

Pure Parad is tasteless and smells free. PARAD HANUMAN is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is considered and worshipped as all-powerful lord. Lord Hanuman is known for his hidden powers and his devotion for Shri Ram. Lord Hanuman has many names such as “Mahaveer”, “Pawansutta”, and “Bajrangbali”. Worshipping of Hanuman Idol made of Parad we get blessings which is much beneficial. Lord Hanuman gives us strength, power, intelligence, and fearlessness. Worshipping of Parad Hanuman relieves us from evil spirits, sins, and protects us from bad effects. Establish a Parad Hanuman idol in your house on Tuesday. Keeping Parad Hanuman idol in our home keeps the environment of our home pure and relieves us from many of the Vastu Dosh and negative energies. It also prevents and protects us from the harmful effects of black magic. When we are stuck in hard conditions and face evil times and hardships and are unable to get relieved of them, then we must establish a Parad Hanuman idol at our home. The problems, evils, sorrows, and hardships of our life can be overcome by worshipping Lord Hanuman idol made of Parad. Parad Hanuman idol can be kept on the study table to improve concentration. It also helps in removing and treating the negative effects related to Planet Saturn, also known as Shani Dasha, and effects due to planet Mars called Mangala Dasha. A person should remain pious, clean, and hygienic and should follow self-discipline while worshipping Lord Hanuman. Hanuman idol can be worshipped to achieve strength and vigour. Material: Parad Mercury

Material: Mercury
Weight: 70 g

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