Priya R India Tulsi wood Vishnu Vimal Publication Vrindavan Rudraksha Tulsi Mala with 108+1 Beads




Price: ₹399.00 - ₹130.00
(as of Oct 29,2021 12:53:45 UTC – Details)

Tulsi wood, which is in the family of basil, is the most sacred of all wood in the Hindu tradition. Tulsi is regarded as the most sacred plant. Its believed that the influence of Tulsi rosary helps to heals a person from a variety of physical & mental problems. Its also said to attract positive vibrations, bring clear perception and can be used for Mantra Jaap. Tulsi Mala generates Positive Thoughts & Positive energy.This Mala should always be kept in sacred Place like your Puja Room. You can also place any holy lockets of GODs or GODDESSES with Tulsi Mala. Jaap on Tulsi Mala should be done under the Go- Mukhi. These Tulsi Mala is Praan Pratishit

Jaap Mala
Mantra Jaap
Vishnu Mantra Jaap
Divine Rosary

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