Shubhanjali Plastic Terracotta God of Wealth Kuber Ji Idol Statue for Pooja Room and Office, Diwali, Dhanteras Poojan, Kuber Idol for Wealth (Multicolour, Standard)




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Lord Kuber is the Lord of all the treasures on earth and even rules over the riches buried and unclaimed inside the earth. Lord Kuber, is considered as the actual God of wealth. Kuber is worshiped as a God who protects and conserves wealth in a family. It is believed that worshiping Kuber idol regularly ensures fast results and blesses the natives with prosperity, wealth and good luck. He is the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity.Traditionally Kuber is worshipped by trading or business communities of India and still continue to worship him on Diwali. Lord Kuber maintains the treasures on earth and protects the riches buried inside the earth.
Products Size : Length 10 Cm x Width 6 Cm x Height 15 Cm Weight : 344 gm.Material: Terracotta Clay,Diwali,Lakshmi Pooja and Material,Uses / Occasion : Home Decor,ideal for Diwali poojan ,Dhanteras poojan,Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift, Engagement Gift, Baby Shower Gift,Diwali Gift,Teachers Gift,Thank You Gift,Home Decor,House Warming, Business Gift,Wedding, Valentine.Kuber Statue Is Exquisitely Hand-Crafted with Terracotta.
The much famed king Ravana was his half brother who troubled him a lot, conquered his kingdom, the fabled city-state of Lanka and snatched his Pushpak plane.His wife is called Yakshi or Hariti meaning ‘the stealer.’The special puja of Kuber is performed on Dusshera, Dhan triyodasi in addition to Diwali,to ask for his blessings. Ancient scriptures support Kuber Sadhana for gain of wealth.
Kuber is the ancient deities of India who itself are the guardians and protectors of the land like Yaksha. Kuvera is the guardian of North direction of the earth and supervise all the other yakshas.Mythological conviction says Kuber is the son of Brahma and is the ruler of Alkapuri.Kuvera is also called Isasakha because he is supposed to be a worshipper of Shiva as well as a close associate of the mighty god.
The pooja of Lord Kuber yields materialistic comforts, the devotee will never have shortage of wealth and his business will flourish. Kuber Sadhana pleases Lord Kuber.Kuber Sadhana is short and simple procedure but it produces amazing effects.

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