2024-06-03 07:03:05 Nifty Prediction : Nifty may look for Gap-up Opening | Tomorrow will be new day


Daily Forecast – Share Market – June 3rd, 2024
Nifty may look for Gap-up Opening | Tomorrow will be new day
Moon, Sun with Ketu leads the day, well supported by Mercury and Jupiter. Only lagna lord is in combustion status. Which means cabinet is weak on date. We should not expect any decision from cabinet, which may influence the market for today.
Ketu, Mercury and Moon indicates clear movements on upside. Secondly, according to the Exit polls, market may respond to the polls. We must expect a big movement during the day. On this occasion I must recollect the last working day before the outcome of election results of 2009. When every media and exit poll had suggested that UPA may lose the election, but it was return of UPA2. Market has changed the trend, from depressive mood in the market of 2008-09, it gave a trend to the market and today we are around 23000 of Nifty levels.
Point is enjoy the wave of for the day. Wait for 04-06-2024, for poll results directly from counting. Which will give the clear direction for the month.
Rise on Milk prices is already announced, other impacts may be seen in coming time.
It is a day for very positive moves during the day. Nifty may look again for 23000 levels and above to this. Possibly, leaders of the market may try to encash the situation.
All the segments may be showing the movement, which may pull Nifty to new levels today or close to the same. Because market was/is waiting for the direction. Which is provided by Exit polls for the election of 2024. Market may feel that government will be repeated and hence, policies may remain same, which may give boost to the trading segments.
INR may lose some base. Crude oil may remain within the range of 80-83 USD.
Nifty may look for another big jump. Possibly look for new levels. For tomorrow, Polls results will come. So, trade accordingly. Today, few groups may show extraordinary movements.
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