2024-06-12 07:20:51 Nifty Prediction : Lazy market | Nifty may look for 23325 | Stoploss at 23175 of Nifty


Daily Forecast – Share Market – June 12th, 2024
Lazy market | Nifty may look for 23325 | Stoploss at 23175 of Nifty
Mars with Ketu leads the day, well supported by Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury (only one Navmansha distance from Sun – combustion). Foreign cues are important for the day. Crude oil may indicate rise in prices. At the same time INR may also show weakness against USD.
Lord of share market and banks is in one navmansha distance from Sun, and heading towards Sun (closeness), that indicates that lord may feel weakness to give strength to own share market and banks/finance related issues. Market should also sense the lower side of consumption index against previous levels. This indicates the weakening purchasing strength of common man of nation. Possibly because of inflation and low per capita income.
Global cues may not be much supportive. Whereas volatility index is stable at lower levels. Now important event is US election for the market. Anyways, astrologically, after 17-06-2024, possibly bank lord may try to hold the levels.
Possibly, banks may give some opportunities at lower levels around weekend. Next week may be better for banks and share market.
Importantly, INR is heading towards 84 against USD. Clear indications for inflation, which is going out of control. We can not say that this can be because of global inflation. In many countries Unemployment is not a problem like India. Possibly, industrial segments are not able to increase capacity and absorbing manpower. This may be because no increase in demands, rather fall is seen.
Nifty may look towards 23200 and may look for 23325. Watch banks and financial institutions. Watch FIIs. Stoploss at 23175 will be better.
Ketu indicates sudden movements on either side, because of some news or leakage from any source.
Areas like IT, electronics, communication instruments, cotton, textiles, oil exploration, agriculture, agriculture instruments, automobile, automobile tyres, paints, reality, infrastructure, watch aviation, movements in logistics, power, and many more segments including leaf based areas.
Nifty may be bit lazy. Stop-loss at 23175 will be better. Nifty may try for 23325.

Indian Rupee may trade in between 83.00 to 83.80 per USD.

** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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** Before investing or trading, check the technical aspects as well, which is a reading based on planetary movements



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