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Our USP are-

Distinct in SelectionDiverse Range from WorldCare for ppl and the planet

Ekhasa Soap Dispenser

Tealights Treasures to Explore

Festival Ambiance with Urli

God Idols to bring Blessings

Decor Delights in Unique Style

Paint Walls in Art

Designed for devotion

Organize your Home in Style

BLESSED WITH POSITIVE EFFECTS- The Tortoise for good luck for home Figurine, also known as “kachua for good luck,” is a representation of Wealth, Good Luck, Long life, Endurance, and Wisdom. It’s a vastu item for home and Feng Shui item for good luck that is treasured for its ability to fulfill wishes, boost careers, and cleanse negative energies. Welcome harmony and positivity into your life.
UNIQUE GOOD LUCK GIFTS- Whether for your Friends, Boss, Teacher, Parents, or neighbor, give a gift of wealth, good luck, and wisdom with our Tortoise Figurine, a perfect gift item for home decoration and showpiece for living room that carries a deeper meaning. It leaves a lasting impression of your generosity and best wishes. Our sturdy and thoughtful packaging ensures your order arrives without a scratch.
PURE BRASS BRILLIANCE- This Turtle showpiece for living room, crafted from pure brass, not only brings prosperity but also stands the test of time. You won’t have to worry about color fading or rust ever. The level of detail in the carving is so fine that it captivates the eye and elevates the figurine’s elegance
EASY MAINTENANCE- Keep your brass figurine’s shine effortlessly with this tip. Create a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda, apply it to the figurine, gently rub away tarnish, rinse it off, and finally, dry it with a soft cloth. Your good luck items for home decor will be back to its original looks.
VASTU MASTERSTROKE- For it being Metal-based, it is suggested to keep this Feng Shui item for good luck and vastu item for home for good luck in the North or North-West direction to invite Positive Energy as per Vastu, and see the magnificent effect in your life. Advice: Do not place the tortoise in the bathroom or kitchen.

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