MahaVastu Copper Strip Vastu Remedy | Vastu Dosha Remedy Copper Strips for Entrance, Toilet Correction and Zone Balancing (2.5 Meter)

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vastu stripsvastu strips

Elemental Metal Strips

The Space Surgery Technique is one of the 16 MahaVastu techniques used to remove Vastu Doshas in a building. This technique involves the use of Metal Strips to correct the elemental imbalance in a space. In order to balance the affected zone, Metal strips are inserted in the floor. The purpose of this Space Surgery technique is to block any unfavourable activity or anti-activity permanently without any demolition. This technique widely used to nullify the ill effects of the entrances and Toilets without demolition.

To decide which Metal to be added, we have to first find out the cause of the imbalance in the troubled Mahavastu zone. Only with this systematic process, we can establish a balanced state and reap the benefits associated with that zone.

According to Vastushastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, the founder of Mahavastu, the five-element theory associates specific Metals with each element. The metals assignments are as follows:

Aluminium represents the Water Element.Stainless Steel signifies the Air Element.Copper is indicative of the Fire Element.Brass symbolise the Earth Element.Mild Steel/Iron denote the Space Element.

This approach aligns with Vastu principles and provides a structured guide for harmonising spaces based on elemental energies.

metal stripsmetal strips

vastu stripsvastu strips


Manifest More Money, Happiness, Health and Success

Mahavastu is a system based on Vedic knowledge that focuses on creating harmonious living spaces by aligning them with the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science. According to Mahavastu, the architecture of a space, known as “vastu,” can significantly impact the overall well being of occupants. Mahavastu aim to correct and balance the energies within a living or working environment, thereby creating a conducive environment to live with more Money, Happiness, Health and Prosperity.

Just like Medical Science, MahaVastu starts with an accurate diagnosis of the problem. After the symptoms gets matched through 12 Audits of space, Mahavastu Expert/Acharya performs Remedies in 4 Levels to manifest the desired results.

What is the mechanism by which Mahavastu remedies bring about miraculous outcomes?

Based on 30 years of research by Vastushastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal Ji, the creation of Mahavastu remedies commences with a meticulous procurement process. Guided by the principles of Shrimadbhagwad Gita and the Vedas, materials for the remedies are chosen based on their functions. Similar to the discerning intellect of a honeybee, which identifies the flower pollen that produces world-class honey, we selectively procure used materials that resonate with the intended purpose. Once these materials are gathered, they undergo a process of melting and moulding to craft the final remedies. This precision in the creation process is believed to contribute to the perceived miraculous effects of Mahavastu remedies.

Furthermore, our case studies and customer feedback have indicated that the installation of remedies available in the market, particularly those made from scrap materials, can lead to disorders related to aggravated ‘vaat dosha’ and may result in increased financial wastage. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that Mahavastu remedies are obtained from authentic and reliable sources.

☑ BALANCE FIRE ELEMENT WITHOUT DEMOLITION: MahaVastu Copper Strip is used to balance Fire Element without any demolition in your living spaces
☑ SUITABLE FOR VASTU-DOSHA REMOVAL: Our Metal Strips for Vastu are used to treat Toilets and Negative Entrances.
☑ USAGE: Metal Vastu Strips or Commonly known as “Patti for Vastu” is used to treat imbalanced entrances and toilet seats for Vastu Correction.
☑ SPECIFICATIONS: MahaVastu Metal Strips are 2.5 meter Long. Material: Copper
☑ VASTU METAL STRIPS FOR TOILET: Block Negative Energy of Toilet using MahaVastu Metal Strip

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