Pujahome Natural Tulsi Mala 108+1 Beads (6mm) with Cotton Gomukhi Japa Bag|Real Tulsi Mala with Prayer Chanting Bag|(Combo of 2)

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Discover the serenity and spiritual resonance of the Pujahome Natural Tulsi Mala. Crafted with precision and an eye for quality, this exquisite mala is made up of 108+1 authentic Tulsi beads, allowing for an uninterrupted meditation cycle. Each bead is carved from real Tulsi, a plant known in ancient Indian scriptures for its purifying and sacred properties. The mala has been thoughtfully combined with a beautifully designed cotton Gomukhi Japa bag, ensuring the protection of your sacred prayer beads while adding a touch of tradition and elegance. This Japa bag is more than a holder; it’s a companion for your meditative journey, allowing you to keep your mala protected and within reach at all times. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual practitioner or just beginning your journey, the Pujahome Natural Tulsi Mala with its accompanying Japa bag offers a perfect blend of tradition, quality, and utility.
Authenticity Guaranteed: Made with 108+1 genuine Tulsi beads, ensuring a true meditative experience and connection to age-old traditions.
Protective Cotton Gomukhi Japa Bag: A traditional prayer chanting bag crafted from premium cotton, safeguarding your Tulsi Mala while enhancing the sacredness of your meditation routine.
Versatile and Convenient: The combo set is perfect for both personal use and gifting, making it a favorite for spiritual ceremonies, special occasions, or as a thoughtful present.
Embrace Spiritual Wellness: Using the Pujahome Tulsi Mala for your daily chants or meditation brings peace, positivity, and a deepened spiritual connection.

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