Shubhkart Tejas Pure Ghee Wicks| Batti| Diya for Pooja, 60 Pieces, Wax Free Vegan Ghee Batti/Wicks/Jyot for Pooja Aarti (Pack of 1, 60Pieces)


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Candles, Tejas, Shubhkart, Candle SetCandles, Tejas, Shubhkart, Candle Set

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Simplifying your puja process

Introducing the Shubhkart Tejas Pure Ghee Diya (Pack of 60) – an embodiment of tradition, purity, and convenience. These carefully crafted ghee diyas, paired with readymade ghee wicks, offer you an effortless way to illuminate your religious rituals, festivals, and moments of spiritual reflection. Each Shubhkart Tejas Pure Ghee Diya is a symbol of divine light. Meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, including pure ghee, these diyas radiate a warm and serene glow that captures the essence of spirituality. Light one of these diyas, and you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere of sacred radiance, perfect for prayer, meditation, or enhancing the ambiance of your special occasions.



Discover the essence of divine radiance with Tejas Pure Ghee Diya, a testament to simplicity, purity, and environmental mindfulness. Crafted with care and reverence, these ghee wicks offer an unparalleled worship experience. Free from harmful chemicals and additives, Tejas Pure Ghee Diya upholds a standard of purity that resonates with the essence of worship. Worshippers can immerse themselves in rituals without concern for the presence of synthetic substances.One distinctive feature of Tejas Ghee Wicks is their ability to neutralize unpleasant odors. As they burn, the aromatic essence of ghee permeates the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of purity and tranquility while dispelling any unwanted scents.

Lighting diya made easy




Time-Saving Alternative

Experience the convenience of ready-to-use ghee wicks included in this pack. No more time-consuming preparations or struggles with traditional cotton wicks. Each diya comes with a perfectly crafted ghee wick that can be easily placed, allowing you to focus on your spiritual practices.

Ideal for rituals & festive occasions

Our Tejas Pure Ghee Diya are exclusively crafted from pure and clarified ghee, ensuring a sacred and traditional foundation for worship. The use of high-quality ghee underscores a commitment to authenticity and reverence. As the ghee wicks burn, they emit a warm and radiant glow, creating an ambiance of divine illumination

Makes diya lighting convenient

Experience tranquility and purity with Tejas Pure Ghee Diya, an embodiment of timeless traditions and functional elegance. Beyond the soft glow and sacred essence, these offerings go a step further. Infused with the goodness of pure ghee, they bring an added benefit – neutralizing unwanted odors. The beauty of ghee diya lies in its convenience and adaptability. Apart from placing it in a lamp, it can be used with a brass ghee diya holder. As you light the pure ghee wicks, the divine flame not only illuminates your space but also transforms it, leaving behind a delicate and pleasing aroma.

EASY TO USE : Ready to use Shubhkart ghee diya batti. Place a wick in a diya & light it up. Saves time required to prepare the ghee diya wicks & reduces mess.
PURITY: Shubhkart TEJAS Pure Ghee Diya are WAX FREE and very useful as a hassle free solution towards ones prayer needs at home/office or in places of worship.
STRUCTURE: Solidified structure which is convinient to place it in a deep and use.
PACKAGR CONTENTS: 60 Ghee Diya batti.
USAGE: Ideal to use in homes, temples & offices during pujas, prayers & meditation. Average Burning time of each ghee wicks is 30 minutes.

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Customers like the efficiency and ease of use of the candle. For example, they mention it’s handy and best to use when pressed for time. That said, opinions are mixed on value and quality.

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